Life Coaching

Whether you battle with food addiction or impulse control, have low self-esteem, are isolated due to anxiety or depression, struggle with behavioral issues, are lacking life skills, find it difficult to find motivation, are leading a sedentary (non-active) life, need to develop boundaries, are faced with barriers in a relationship, or just feel stuck, this is where together we begin the journey toward your empowered and improved quality of life consisting of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

The Turning Leaves system takes you through 6 categories that generate whole health and guides you on a life balance journey that covers 8 very specific and important life classifications to truly create the life you envision for yourself and those that you care about.

Coaching you to create a future free from impulsivity, codependency’s, and negative attachments.

The Master Climb is your access to a completely digital life coaching experience with our signature lifeskill building curriculum, Building Milestones TM, and direct access to your online certified life coach and recovery coach.

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Eveixa works closely with Turning Leaves and Tricia Parido. To learn more about life coaching and Turning Leaves, click here or reach out to us.